Monday, March 26, 2007

To each his own cup of coffee.

Gregory Dicum explores Brazil's cafe culture in the New York Times, by tasting cafezinho, the little cup of coffee beloved by Brazilians.

He writes:

"During a recent visit to Café Gaúcho, I chose to have my cafezinho black; other options include Carioca (“Rio-style” with added water), media (with milk) and pintado (just a few drops of milk). Sugar goes without saying in Brazil. I leaned on the cool stone, listening to the clatter all around me, watching the whiteness of the sugar vanish into the black coffee. After a quick stir with the doll-sized spoon, I raised the cafezinho to my lips.

"It was terrible."

Read why, in this article: In a Coffee-Mad City, the Bitter With the Sweet .