Thursday, May 24, 2007

What You Can Do to Help (I Know You Want To.)

Reader Anna Enger wrote to me this morning about the widow of Officer Lee Newbill, Becky, who works at Washington State University's Children's Center:

"She is an invaluable teacher. The families that are fortunate enough to have their children attending the Center are thankful for her focused and affectionate care of their children. The WSUCC is accepting donations for the Becky Newbill Family, and this is an opportunity for all of us in our community to show our support for Becky. As you stated, Gillian, what happened is neither fair, nor right, but I hope we can open our hearts in generosity and begin to mend our hurt, while giving Becky the support she deserves to begin her own healing."

Anna, I can say this from the experience of being a recipient of much generosity, care and support myself following a difficult situation two years ago: people WANT to help, to do whatever they can to ease the burden, in whatever way they can. I remember some of those who came to my aid actually thanking me for giving an opportunity to help. Our wonderful Palousian community expresses so well that it really is more blessed to give than it is to receive.

This is what you can do for the Newbills: drop off your donation at the front desk of the WSU Children's Center on Olympia Avenue (in Pullman, of course), or make a contribution to the Lee Newbill Foundation Fund at US Bank in Moscow. The Latah County Sheriff's Office also told me donations can be made to Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS) - and you can make a donation specifying Officer Newbill.

Other funds related to this incident:

Sgt. Brannon Jordan (wounded in going to Officer Newbill's assistance): donations to help with his medical expenses can be made to a fund set up at US Bank.

Crystal Hamilton: her family suggests making memorial donations to Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse. Here's her obituary


UPDATE: The celebration of Crystal's life is on Saturday May 26, 10AM at the Moscow Nazarene Church. This is a change of venue.