Monday, May 22, 2006

All right, back to the things that REALLY matter.

That was just one of the entrees (yes, honestly, just one!) we ordered for dinner at Lupo's tonight, a mixed grill of seafood. It tasted even better than it looks. (More on Lupo's later.) With dinner we ordered a bottle of one of those fabulous Italian wines you seldom see in the US, dolcetto, a beautiful dry red from the neighboring Piemonte region.

And more on food:

Gelato! It really is a very different experience than ice cream. The texture is so light, the gelato gives no resistance in the mouth. Flavors are clean, and hit you just the right way.

The crucial question the gelateria poses to you at the ordering stand: cono or copetta?

You can choose as many flavors as you wish to load into your cone or cup. Besides the berry, mango, chocolate and coffee, there are flavors that could mystify. Want vanilla? Order "fior di latte," "flowers of milk. How poetic! Want mixed berries? Try "frutti di bosco," "fruit of the woods." Also try straciatella (vanilla with chocolate layers), cocco (coconut), nocciolo (hazelnut), prugna (plum), melone, ananas (pineapple) and mele (apple.


Sueann Ramella said...

It is 6:45pm. Ending my All Things Considered shift. Promoted your blog and saw the seafood. JEALOUSY overwhelmed me! Stomach growled. That seafood is way better than my beef jerky and corn nuts.

Loretta Peterson said...

What a fabulous way to get to know that corner of Italy! Gillian your doing a fantastic job, I'm so impressed with the reporting that I feel this is better than any of those travel shows. But it helps I know the author! Please continue having a great time and keeping us posted. Hey do they make quilts and are there any patterns available? Always enjoy you any way I hear from you, Love Loretta

Rosiegurl said...

I'm hungry. ;)