Friday, May 19, 2006

Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport boasts an incredible shopping and dining area, with designer boutiques offering all sorts of shoes and bags, clothing, cosmetics and perfume, liquor and tobacco, and dining that appears to offer more upscale choices than most airport food courts. There’s a tapas bar, and English steak house and a seafood bar offering raw oysters and lobster. Prices are posted in Danish Kronor, which a sales clerk tells me is about 7 Kronor to the Euro.

One thing I notice all over the terminal is this sign:

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it meant, so I asked a Danish airport worker.

It means emergency exit!


Marie Glynn said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of things you are finding unfathomable.

I haven't taken an international flight since 1999. Hmmm, you are stirring up serious wanderlust. Your post about the flight was enlightening. Next time, I'll have to choose a better airline. :)

Glad you made it safely and look forward to reading the rest of the posts awaiting me!

yank said...