Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm back home in Moscow now, late on Sunday night. It took about 27 hours of travel to get here, beginning in Venice with a 5AM boat ride from the hotel directly to the Marco Polo airport; then on to an Alitalia flight to Milan, then an SAS flight to Copenhagen. There our plane was delayed by an hour, as it had been struck by lightning and they wanted to do a thorough check before we boarded. None of us had any problem with that delay! Then a 10-hour flight to Seattle, and finally on the good old Horizon back to Pullman-Moscow.

After leaving Genoa it was hard to blog, partly because all of our events ran late into the night; partly because my room in Venice, gorgeous as it was, was so small there wasn't a table on which I could set up the laptop; partly because wireless access at a nearby internet point cost a lot; but mostly because I was pretty well wiped out every night.

I did jot notes each night, though, and with those I'll pick up where I left off and you should see new entries over the next couple of weeks. (I'm also waiting for my tourmates to get back and share their pictures, and post the best ones.)

Off to bed now, perchance to rise and play with photo editing software.

Buona notte...

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Loretta Peterson said...

So glad to see you are back home, I think the kids probably will want your attention today, plus some jet lag will be setting in! I have downloaded your story so far so I can print it off for the folks, everyone says to tell you hi and we will see you on the 'Travel Channell!!!' Loretta