Tuesday, February 27, 2007

News Bits and Pieces.

A headline in South Korea: Olympic skier Toby Dawson, adopted by an American couple at an orphanage in Seoul when he was three years old, has been reunited with his biological father. Dawson's adoption story received international attention when he won the bronze in Moguls At the Turin Olympics in 2006. That's when dozens of South Koreans came forward, claiming to be his biological parents (Don't they know about DNA testing?) The BBC reports Dawson has "mixed feelings" about meeting the bus driver who says Toby was stolen from him at a street fair.

Costco is tightening its money-back return policy on electronics, because the wholesaler (based in Issaquah, WA) was losing "tens of millions of dollars" in returns. Read the full story in the Seattle P-I.

Krispy Kreme is now making WHOLE WHEAT doughnuts! No word on what the glaze will contain. I saw this Associated Press story on the Washington Post.

Pizza burger, burger pizza. Pizza taco, taco pizza. More and more, restaurant chains are offering mashups of unhealthy food options, making them even unhealthier in the process. Health and nutrition advocates call these creations hybrid horribles. Here's the Los Angeles Times report.

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