Friday, March 2, 2007

My faith restored! Literally.

For the last couple of days, Morning Edition has carried stories that somehow related to my posts written the day before. Funny how that happens.

Today, it's a big hurrah for NPR's Renee Montagne for correct usage of literal! She introduced a story was about a material that allows light to pass through as easily as it goes through air; that is to say, with no glare. Renee Montagne correctly used literally:

“The following story is no reflection on you. Literally, in this case. Scientists in New York have used nanotechnology to create an optical coating that virtually eliminates the reflection when you shine a light on it.”

The first time I’ve heard it used correctly in a long time.

Read or listen to the story, New Material Makes the Most of Light.

And to further my hope for a better future for the word literal, Northwest Public Radio's Robin Rilette just asked me if she could get on the studio computer to check something, saying "it will literally take me one minute."

I'm going to have a nice Friday.

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