Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Public Radio Visitor.

As I left work on Memorial Day, this is what I saw right outside our building, the Murrow Communications Center at WSU in Pullman.

(The brick building in the picture is Thompson Hall, directly across the street from Murrow.)

I've seen this little fellow occasionally when I arrive at work in the pre-dawn hours. Reason I think it's the same one is that he's somewhat unafraid of humans, and let me get quite close. He's not missing an ear - he'd dropped one and had been scratching it.

From now on, I shall address this little critter as Edward, for Mr. Murrow.

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Robin said...


I see the same "guy", albeit a bit later in the morning! Edward it is! In fact, I saw him yesterday. He streaked across the lawn below Thompson Hall at an amazing rate of speed. Those little legs can move, baby!