Thursday, June 28, 2007

China insists its exports are safe

Audra Ang of the Associated Press reports today:

BEIJING - China insisted Thursday that its exports are safe, issuing a rare direct commentary as international fears over Chinese products spread.

Wang Xinpei, a spokesman for the Commerce Ministry, said China "has paid great attention" to the issue, especially food products because it concerns people's health.

"It can be said that the quality of China's exports all are guaranteed," Wang told reporters at a regularly scheduled briefing.

The statement was among Beijing's most public assertions of the safety of its exports since they came under scrutiny earlier this year with the deaths of dog and cats in North America blamed on Chinese wheat gluten tainted with the chemical melamine.

The full article can be read at the Boston Globe.

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Obewan said...

This is just what they are going to say...our food is safe. Excuse me it is not and we have found that it is not. These are not rogue happenings......most of your processed foods are contaminated...period. How can we trust any statement coming from China...we can't! This is not a free country and its people are oppressed. Remember when Saddam won his election with 99% percent of the vote.....yea that was the truth too! He was just a dictator. Its time to ban all food imports from China ...maybe in twenty or so years when they come into the new age and have controls in place ...we will see. For now....we must ban all these imports! Their garbage is turned away only to be found in anther port? We here in the USA are the laughing stock of the world when it comes to our import policies and our reliance on communist nations and their word for the safety of our products!